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William David Christian '65 (Posted 4/21/2017)

My wife, Jane, and I spend most of our time with our beautiful grandchildren! Three girls (ages 13, 3, and 1) and one boy (age 11).

I live with Jane, my daughter Molly, her two daughters, and two female dogs. I am very lucky!!

Jane will not allow me to dress her (or anyone else in my household) in White and Gold. She graduated from UGA!

My favorite memories from Kappa Sigma are the parties and the friendships which have lasted until today. The Kappa Sigma football games, the Tech football games, the poker games in the “Pit”.

Twice a month (in Atlanta), a group (called FATBACK, which stands for Friday Artery Threatening Breakfast And Coffee Klub and includes some Alpha Tau’s) meets (once for breakfast and once for lunch). Please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be included!



Kurt Von Borries '80 posted 3/30/17

I'm retired from real estate and have lived in East Cobb (Marietta, GA) last 31 years. I have many fond memories—luckily lived through them—and I still connect with many brothers.

Tim Gilbert ’78 (Tim’s son, Ethan, is a Brother from Kennesaw State) and I have had football and basketball season tickets next to each other for the last 30 years. A couple years ago, we sat in Upper East next to Mike Malone ’81, Joe Bibler ’82, and Ralph Sykes ’81, but we moved over to lower West. Guys, we've got great seats and sometimes are out of the sun!

I head down twice a year to South GA (Cairo) to fish and hunt with Chris Addleton ’82. I used to hunt with Brad Smith, but still bump into him at football games. I also go fishing with Rich Weissinger ’77 once or twice a year in Milledgeville, where he lives, plus usually treat him to a football game or two.

I reconnected with Don Kinser ’82 a couple years ago. His wife, Nanci, was Chapter Sweetheart. Her brother, Steve Ball, was a pledge Brother. I see Geoff Gill ’64 and Greg Davis ’73 at the Buckhead Rotary Club a few times a year, and another Brother, Doug Eidson (Auburn), is also in that club, originally met him through the Atlanta Kappa Sigma Alumni Chapter.

Another Brother, Wade Patrick (Georgia State), is in my Rotary Club (East Cobb). We knew each other from the Atlanta Alumni Chapter, and he was Grandmaster the year before I was. I bump into another Brother from time to time, Jim Boyd (Memphis)—he was Grandmaster of the Alumni Chapter after me.

I was at the Orange Bowl with Tim Gilbert, Mark Sheridan ’78, Steve Bolton ’79, and Ed Senules ’76, and saw Steve and Ed again at Tim’s daughter’s wedding last summer. I just recently took Mike Hug ’80 to a GT basketball game. Bumped into Mike Alexander ’80 a couple times over the years, as well as Jeff Cooper ’85, another Rotarian. And, of course, you never know who you might see at ‘The House’ for Homecoming.

I have tried to contact Tom McCoy ’79, but have been unsuccessful. Tom, if you are reading this, call me at 770-977-0431. I would very much enjoy treating you to a GT football game.


Michael Hickman ’88 posted 3/14/16 (3:18:05 PM)

Michael Hickman ’88 attended the Keller Williams Realty International “Family Reunion” in New Orleans in mid-February. During the intensive 3-day training and networking event, Michael won a Silver Medal from Keller Williams. In addition, his office won Southeast Region awards for total profit and profit sharing to it’s 180+ associates in 2015.

The Vision Speech by Gary Keller was touted nationwide for its clarity and analysis of national housing, income and financing data. The data shows that the United States housing market is due for another shift in the near future.


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