Bob Soderholm ‘59

While a lot of people enjoy the easy life in retirement, others strive to find a hobby or something to keep them occupied. Bob Soderholm ‘59, has found a way to pursue his passion in his golden years: mentoring a robotics team at his local high school that gives him a chance to teach and give to the next generation of engineers. Established 25 years ago, Wright City High School’s robotics club gives students the opportunity to learn all of the various aspects of the club such as designing, prototyping, building, testing, fixing, and rebuilding robots.

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A Game of Inches: From Tech to TV

John Pouncey ’96 followed an unconventional path after graduating from Georgia Tech—he landed a job in in the TV biz. Living in Burbank, Calif., John serves as 1st Assistant Cameraman in the Film and TV industry and has worked on many popular TV shows including Parenthood, Desperate Housewives, and others, among countless music videos and commercials.

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New HC Treasurer Mixes Business with Fraternity Fun

David Archer ’96 embodies what it means to be a lifelong Kappa Sig. He frequently reunites with fellow brothers. He does business with Atlanta-based Kappa Sigs. And now, he’s giving back by serving as the new treasurer of the Alpha Tau House Corporation.

“Many of the alumni are my friends, and volunteering gives me a good reason to be around those people,” he said.  Also, if we help Kappa Sigma succeed, then more kids might get to enjoy some of the same great lifetime advantages of brotherhood that we have had.”

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