Flackback Photo

This month we are taking the photo time machine back to the Summer of 2006; This picture was taken off of our website and it illustrates the exact kind of get-togethers that we should all be planning with our Brothers every chance we get. This outing was referred to as "Lobbypalooza" where, a group of Alumni just got together every Summer for fun.

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Undergraduate Spotlight

The undergraduate members have begun posting a "Brother of the Week" every Friday on Instagram. We wanted to share two of the posts so far, featuring notable Kappa Sig Brothers.

Click "Read More" to read a little about each of these two bright young men.

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Stay in Touch, Plan Get-Togethers: Kappa Sig Brotherhood is for Life!

We have all read the articles that use data and science to prove that maintaining friendships with the people you knew when you were younger as you get older can improve your health. That is not to say that keeping in touch with old friends and making plans to see each other is easy. Our careers, children, financial limitations and lack of time are all legitimate reasons for letting our relationships fall by the wayside. That being said, if there was ever a time for Kappa Sig Alumni Brothers to make the effort to reach out to old friends and try to plan a gathering or small get-together, it is now.

The GOOD NEWS is that we have not stopped our efforts to keep our Alumni connected. We have a direct line of contact to our Kappa Sig Brothers with our Alumni website www.kappasigmagt.orgCheck out the directory (you will need a login so if you don't have one, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get you set up) and make sure your name is in there and not on our Lost List. Send us an update and let us know what has been happening in your life and by all means, reach out to a few Brothers and try to set aside some time for a little fun and reminiscing.

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