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It is no secret that being part of a group like Kappa Sigma is impactful throughout the remainder of our lives. We have heard from our brothers about the influence that the Alpha Tau Chapter has had on our futures, but what happens when we give back? This is what your brothers have to say about the benefits of giving back: 

Lutz says that if more brothers gave back, more good could be accomplished. “You could see a continuation of any aspect of growing up that benefited you, and a continuation of the traditions of the founders.” - Michael Lutz ‘68

Hickman believes that if more alumni give back, “the house could become more inviting to alumni by making it a place to gather at times besides just football Saturdays. TV's in the Pit would be a great addition.” - Michael Hickman ’88

“I remember guys like Geoff Gill ‘64 and Kurt V. helping us when I was an undergrad,” he said. “It seemed like we were always short on money. We had a great group of brothers and had a lot of fun, but the house was always an issue. It seemed like we were always a little behind the curve financially. I am very fortunate to have had a little success in life and the opportunity to share some of that with 182 6th Street. The guys who call that place home allow me to continue to feel connected and to give back a little of what has been given to me.” - Gary Harrell ‘84