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When we talk about Kappa Sigma, some of the first things that may come to mind are the connections that were made through your years as an undergrad. We recently reached out to our alumni brothers asking what those connections have meant to them over the years, read on to see what Jim Chirvia '70 had to say. 

Did you meet your lifetime friend through Kappa Sigma? 

 My best friend at Georgia Tech was another brother, Don “Cooter” Tolbert. Cooter was a very friendly type and would do anything for you or anyone else that needed help. He had great mechanical skills and seemed to know how to do or fix anything. My senior year I was elected GM and we decided to remodel the public area of the house to help with fall rush. I was able to get some money from our headquarters in Charlottesville and some local Kappa Sigma alumni to get the materials. That summer Cooter taught me things that I still know how to do today. We replaced vinyl flooring, hung new paneling, replaced drapes and bought new furniture for the living room. We got to be close enough friends that I was in his wedding and our families became lifelong friends. We even worked together most of our careers and stayed as close as possible while moving from one location to another. Unfortunately we lost Cooter last April to an illness and the world lost a great gentleman and family man. His wife Nancy and their children still live in the Louisville area with their grandchildren. I will always cherish my time with this fine man and think of him all the time.

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