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For many of us, Kappa Sigma was an important part of our Georgia Tech experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Georgia Tech, I think we can all agree on this: Kappa Sigma’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house. 

Here are 4 reasons Kappa Sigma still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow alumni brothers:

James Chrivia ‘70

“The brothers of Alpha Tau welcomed me with open arms and helped me learn how to survive the rigors of Tech.

Along the way they allowed me to hold several offices in the fraternity including GM during my last year of school. Those experiences taught me as much about life and leadership as Tech did about my studies.

They gave me the confidence that I would need to succeed in life and I will be forever indebted to them. I would love to see them all again. Life gets in the way of our memories sometimes but I intend to share what I can with the best fraternity brotherhood in all the world.”

Geoffrey Gill ‘64

“The brotherhood. A majority of my close friends were my brothers at Alpha Tau. Because of my time as HC President I have had the opportunity to interact with Alpha Taus over many years, and I see the same dynamic at work no matter when one attended Tech.

Alpha Tau for me has always been about brotherhood. Anything that promotes the brotherhood among all generations will positively affect the chapter in the present and future. Social media has made communication so much easier.”

Charles A. McPhail ‘96

“Looking back, I wish I knew at the time what an impact Kappa Sig would have on my life. Being in the fraternity has given me lifelong friends and taught me how to be a better man. Everything ranging from life skills, organization, how to run meetings or just be a constructive participant, building consensus, etc., I can attribute back to my time at Alpha-Tau. It helped shape who I am and caused me to get involved in the fraternity as an alum.

I’ve been involved formally with the fraternity as an Alumnus Advisor about 10 years, first with the Georgia State chapter and currently with Reinhardt University. Being able to work with a new generation of brothers is very gratifying. I was fortunate enough to help the Reinhardt chapter go through the colony process to a full chapter that was installed in 2016. I’m thankful for the opportunities to give back to the fraternity, and I try to instill a lot of what I learned at Alpha-Tau as an undergrad. My time in Kappa Sig at Tech gave me the desire, experience, and skills that help me in the volunteer capacity, and provides the foundation for current undergraduates even at different chapters to adopt and model. While so much has changed since I was in school, it’s fascinating to see how many aspects haven’t changed that much. Those areas are the ones that provide the fundamentals a chapter can build on.”

Jim Chrivia '70

“I will always treasure the life lessons of being in a leadership role with Kappa Sigma. Life with that many close friends gave me confidence, responsibility, and a sense of direction for the rest of my life.”


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