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Clark Jacobs '20

The most valuable part of my ΚΣ experience was definitely the solid group of guys that I always had behind me while I was in college, especially with the amazing house that we had as a central meeting place! In fact, my second year, I ended up having a serious brain injury and stroke, which resulted in me taking nineteen months away from campus to recover enough to where I could live on my own again. On the day that I finally moved back in to the house, my parents pulled me up to find a big banner proudly displayed on the front porch that was welcoming me back :).


Undoubtedly the ΚΣ chapter house was my favorite place in Atlanta. It was special, in short, because of the people who were there! Especially as such an old student, everybody very much knew me, so it was a fantastic “home base” for me on campus, even when I no longer lived there. Of course, two other noteworthy reasons were our fabulous meal plan (Dogwood Catering), and the study room that served as great study space where I usually didn’t have to be alone.



Jim Chrivia '70

My wife and I live in Charleston, WV and I am retired from the local Caterpillar dealer. Gaylene is still working as the State Director of AARP. We have children and grandchildren in Atlanta, Panama City, Beach and Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. We have seven wonderful grandchildren but lost a grandson to cancer four years ago. I owe a lot to GT and a lot more to Kappa Sigma for the success I’ve had in my life. I will always treasure the life lessons of being in a leadership role with Kappa Sigma. Life with that many close friends gave me confidence, responsibility, and a sense of direction for the rest of my life.


I think my favorite place to go in Atlanta was the Kappa Sigma house. Georgia Tech can be a very intimidating place for a young transfer student. The house was always a place of movement and help with your studies. The brothers were always willing to help with understanding how to navigate the workload and pressures of a Tech education. Also, college football is very special to me and GT has a rich tradition of athletics even though the school is rather small and demanding.