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Benefits of Alpha Tau Brotherhood

The impact Kappa Sig has on our individual members is enormous. Fraternities build relationships and values which endure for the rest of our lives.  Here, our brother describes how the Kappa Sig experience benefited them.

“Fraternal life was as important and as significant as my academic education. Alpha Tau provided an environment that helped me to meet my professional goals and helped me to mature socially and gain the confidence to be an active part of the larger Georgia Tech community.”

Kappa Sig also encouraged us to maintain high academic standards and provided an invaluable support network of fellow students. Our members are far more likely to graduate and score well academically when compared to our non-Greek counterparts.

We are also far more likely to experience post-graduate success. Three-fourths of Congress are Greek members, as are the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs.

The system benefits more than our members. Our active members are involved in charity work, fundraising, student government, and campus events, just as we were as undergraduates. 

Greek life takes our young men and shapes them into socially competent, well-educated, and compassionate people, with a high potential for success in their post-graduate careers. For all these reasons, Greek life is a vitally important part of the collegiate system, a part which we should fight to preserve at Georgia Tech as people who have benefited from our membership in Kappa Sig.

Help preserve the Kappa Sig legacy today by making a donation to join our 2019-2020 Honor Roll. Donating online is easy at our website. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution, and for giving back to Kappa Sig.