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How Alpha Tau and Wreck Camp Have Influenced Jeffrey Coy’s GT Experience

When most fraternity members look back at their college years, they’re thankful for the social and academic support their fraternity provided for them. Jeffrey Coy, a third year at Georgia Tech, is blessed to have not one organization to lean on, but two. In addition to membership in Kappa Sigma, Jeffrey has been actively involved with Wreck Camp ever since he was a camper prior to his first year at Georgia Tech. He credits both organizations with supporting his transition to—and success at—Georgia Tech.

“Kappa Sigma and Wreck Camp are both groups that provide help in all aspects of college life while supporting incoming students in so many ways,” he says. “Wreck Camp eased a lot of my concerns and doubts in regards to Georgia Tech. I was very nervous about the course load and rigor that Georgia Tech brings to the table, but the camp helped me recognize that I had a huge group of peers that would be willing to assist me through this process, making sure I was never alone.”

When spring semester rolled around, Jeffrey was lucky enough to join Kappa Sigma, which only further reinforced his support system and sense of belonging.

“I know that I can rely on every single brother whether it is for help with academics, a referral for an internship, or just having a good time,” he says. “They taught me how to balance priorities while making sure that getting a degree was on the top of my list. My brothers have and will continue to push me to succeed in all aspects of my life, and I am forever grateful for their love and dedication.”

Jeffrey has remained committed to both organizations. After serving as a Wreck Camp leader for two years, he’s now the Director of Operations and Media.

“I feel so connected to the mission of Wreck Camp, and I continuously want to give back to it,” he explains. “[We] try to make incoming students’ transition to Georgia Tech easier by providing a support network, mentors, and an understanding of history and traditions related to GT. I love knowing that all of my successes and failures have taught me things, and I always hope that incoming students can learn from those experiences and situations.”

Much like Wreck Camp, Alpha Tau occupies a special place in Jeffrey’s heart.

Whether he’s hanging out on the porch or playing intramural slow-pitch softball, Jeffrey knows he’s creating memories that will last a lifetime.

He also feels a great sense of pride in Kappa Sigma’s desire to improve—something he feels sets the fraternity apart from others on campus.

“We always expect each other to work on bettering ourselves and the fraternity,” he says. “Our commitment—and our focus on friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime—have truly brought our chapter to the top. So many brothers are doing great things across campus, and I am always proud to wear my letters on my chest. The chapter has improved so much in the past years, and I am truly excited to watch the brothers continue to thrive and excel in all areas.”

Jeffrey, a Business Administration major, hopes to graduate in the next couple years and pursue a career in his field. He plans to maintain a strong connection with Georgia Tech and the Alpha Tau chapter of Kappa Sigma and has aspirations to volunteer with the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.