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Kappa Sigma’s uniqueness was a big draw for Robb Stanek, ’90

For Robb Stanek, Kappa Sigma was a unique fraternity in many ways, including the location of the house. To him, that was a huge draw to joining the fraternity his freshman year. “Kappa Sigma was a bunch of great guys that didn’t fit a stereotype,” he explains. “It was not on the beaten path and I almost missed it. Boy, am I glad I stopped in!”

From the moment he became a Kappa Sigma, Robb’s membership in the fraternity shaped his college experience into one of his most cherished times in life. “Living in Room 3 in the old house was one of the most incredible times of my life,” he says. “Learning to live with a wide variety of brothers was very helpful. You had to give a little here and there for harmony. Does anyone remember Strategic Doughnut Initiative or the Cuervo chair? I bet we could all write a book on the happenings at that house,” he laughs.

Socially, Kappa Sigma was a mecca of opportunity for Robb to enjoy his college years, especially in the Lobby, where some of his fondest memories were made. “The Lobby was a magnet for all sorts of things – spades/hearts, completely random and hilarious conversations, there are so many stories,” he recalls. “I also have great memories of Luau and Logging, the Black and White formal, Wednesday nights at PJ’s, Spring Break in Breckenridge, spur of the moment road trips, and so many more. Kappa Sigma was a constant source of entertainment.”

While he certainly enjoyed himself, Robb did find that too much of a good thing can be detrimental to the academic side of school. But, he also found out that his brothers at Kappa Sigma were there to help him succeed. “I usually joke that I majored in Fraternity with a minor in Engineering,” he chuckles. “I would have crumbled without the support from older, more experienced brothers. I can still remember Hal Buford taking me aside and helping me register for my 2nd quarter. I also remember using Neil “Tumbleweed” Kahle’s co-op registration time slot to reserve the best classes.”

And even after graduation, the support continued. “Having an older brother kicking me in the rear to get involved on campus made a huge difference in my first job at our Alumni Association. It was all about the network,” he states.

To this day, that network of brothers remains strong, with Robb staying connected to many of them. Even though he is more in touch with those brothers in the Atlanta area, he still manages to fit in a call or visit with others. Robb also still sees his big brother, Todd Danielson, a couple of times each year.

Today, Robb has made his career in sales and business development, currently working for a technology company that is based out of Boston. He is married to his wife, Kim (a Tech grad as well), and together they have a daughter who just began her freshman year in high school. Robb and his family like to travel whenever possible and experience the world. “We’re definitely travel junkies, so any time there is a school break, we’re off somewhere. By the end of September, our daughter should have visited all 50 states,” he says. “We’re now making our way overseas here and there.” In addition to travelling, Robb is an avid outdoorsman. “Hiking and backpacking top my list but mountain biking and paddling are both a close second,” he shares. “Basically, I like anything that involves being outside and getting my heart rate up.”

Part of his travels do include visits back to his old stomping grounds on the Georgia Tech campus, usually returning for tailgate parties and Homecomings. Going back to the house yields great memories for Robb. “It’s always good to catch up and be on campus,” he says. “It makes me feel nostalgic. It is also great to see brothers whose own kids now attend Tech.”

Seeing Kappa Sigma families come full circle is part of the reason Robb supports the fraternity, making annual donations to the house corporation, as well as supporting the recent campaign. “It’s always a pleasure to support a brotherhood that meant so much to me personally.”

Looking back, Robb recognizes the major impact Kappa Sigma has had on his life and he is grateful for the experience. “Georgia Tech is an incredible education and network. When you add in the connections you make with Kappa Sigma, it’s a very powerful start to a life and career.”