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As an undergrad, John Hewitt '71 took full advantage of all Kappa Sigma had to offer—and today he still's proud of the fraternity that helped set him up for success. Below he opens up about his years in the active chapter and what's new in his life today!

Q: Why did you join Kappa Sigma over other fraternities on campus?
A: I pledged September, 1967. I grew up in a very small town and knew only a very few from my hometown who attended Tech, and they were a bit older than I. A high school classmate and I decided to rush and immediately were attracted to Kappa Sigma because of the genuine friendliness, focus on academics, real interest in the rushes—and then there was the social life.

Q: How did being in the fraternity enrich your college experience and how does it contribute to your life today?
A: Being from a small town has its pros and cons. Perhaps the largest con is that there is not much exposure to different kinds of people. In fact, I had never heard a hard northeastern accent before attending Tech! Exposure to brothers who were culturally different and learning how to work with them was a major benefit. Additionally, as you know, GA Tech is academically rigorous. There were always several older brothers who could expertly help you solve some ridiculous homework assignment or steer you away from academic disaster.

Q: Are there any notable personal or professional achievements you want to share? Tell us about your career path after graduating from Georgia Tech.
A: I am extremely fortunate to have two wonderful grown children who are married, five grandchildren, one great grandchild, and an incredibly beautiful and loving wife. My wife and I have operated our utility consulting firm since 1990. As with any business, there are difficulties, but a Tech education has a way of leading you down the path of success.

Q: Are you still in touch with many brothers?
A: You bet. I often converse with many of my Kappa Sigma brothers and see them from time to time. I have also stayed in touch regularly with one of my little brothers. In fact, I am the godfather of his daughter—what an honor!  There are others with whom I have had little or no contact, and I hope to reverse that trend.

A neighbor of mine was on Supreme Executive Committee some years ago and has several ritual books and material that I plan to study this fall. I always enjoyed our ritual and still remember most of it. I am very, very fortunate to have actually twice visited the University of Bologna where Kappa Sigma was founded.

Q: What memories or moments stand out the most when you look back at your undergrad years?
A: As Tech was and still is academically rigorous, I thoroughly enjoyed blowing off steam either through athletics or social gatherings. We had fantastic fraternity football and softball teams, and the social aspect was unquestionably the best on campus.

Q: You’ve donated generously to Alpha Tau over the years. What inspires your support?
A: I want today’s Tech students to have the same wonderful experiences that I enjoyed.  Kappa Sigma was a great resource for enjoyment and brotherhood. In fact, the then Dean of Students, Jim Dull, often publicly said that Kappa Sigma exhibited the best brotherhood of any fraternity on campus. I am very proud to have been a part of Kappa Sigma, then and now.

Q: What’s new in your life today?
A: My wife and I function as tour guides when taking groups to western Europe, particularly Italy. We travel as much as possible and attend all the Tech home football games!