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Brother Cameron McMillan ’17 was honored last month with a $10,000 allocation from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. An aerospace-engineering student, McMillan received the scholarship from Georgia Tech grad and former astronaut Jan Davis. Davis made three trips to space during her career. 

Only 40 students around the country receive the scholarship; the $10,000 prize is the highest the ASF offers.

“Recipients of this award must have demonstrated dedication to research, and to being well-rounded members of their community,” Davis said at the ceremony.

According to the ASF missions statement, the organization aims “to aid the United States in retaining its world leadership in science and technology by providing college scholarships for the very best and brightest students pursuing science, technology, engineering or math degrees.”

McMillan is planning on getting a master’s degree in advanced vehicle design and optimization before starting a career as a researcher.

Steve and Briggs McMillan were in attendance to see their son get the award.