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Who doesn’t remember their favorite greasy spoon from their college days?

There’s something about a good cheeseburger and “leaded” cup of coffee that adds something to the college experience. The fact that the food and drink do not make for optimal health almost adds to the allure.

For more than six decades, that greasy spoon at Georgia Tech was Junior’s Grill. It started out as Pilgrim’s in 1948. When new owners James Klemis and John Chaknis took over in 1958, they changed the name to Junior’s Grill.

Junior’s was known for its burgers and chicken fingers. In 2009, the student newspaper said that grabbing a bite at Junior’s was one of 99 things every Yellow Jacket had to do before graduating.

Brother J. Almont Pierce ’58 recalls a trip to Junior’s when he decided he wasn’t so hungry after all.

“I was sitting at the bar,” he says. “The cook (on the other side of the bar) lifted his spatula and said, ‘I flipped a bugger into the air. It fell to earth I know not where.’ The entire counter got up and left.”

Of course, what self-respecting diner doesn’t feature a strong cup of java? Junior’s could definitely offer that.

“I always got breakfast when I went to Junior’s,” says Brother Doug Jory ’84. “My most-ingrained memory of Junior’s was watching as Junior would use a big industrial drip coffee maker to make really strong coffee. First pass went into a pot you would typically use for the stove, from which he would pour coffee back over grounds a second time to save on coffee and also make a strong cup of joe.”

Junior’s closed temporarily in the fall of 1993, but reopened just a few months later. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed for good in 2011.