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Brothers hold sign that reads "Future Home of Kappa Sigma at
Georgia Tech" during the building of a previous Kappa Sigma

We recently asked our alumni members to share their favorite memories from their fraternity experience, and Carl Owens ’50 shared a story he remembered about the construction of a new chapter house.

Carl said that the Kappa Sigma house he remembers was located on Third Street right before the expressway. During his time as an undergraduate, the construction of the house was announced and it was discussed at a weekly meeting with the brothers.

Coincidentally, the chapter house was going to be built in the same spot that the meeting was being held, but one brother didn’t quite understand that. “One of the brothers wanted more clarification as to exactly where this house would be built and kept asking questions. Finally, the presenter, I think Jack Lichty, who was standing in front of the fireplace in the center of the house pointed down and said ‘here, right here.’ He didn’t ask any more questions,” Carl said.

What is your favorite memory from your Kappa Sigma days? Share it with us by submitting an update here.