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Last month, we asked you to tell us more about this photo. Thanks to Kurt Von Borries ’80, Brad Smith ’82, Mike Alexander ’80, and Michael Hug ’80 for sending us some information. It turns out the photo is from a Greek Week event called the "mattress race."

Kurt Von Borries ’80: This was a Greek Week event. It was called the "mattress race" or something like that. In the front on the right is Tim Gilbert, behind him is Mike Malone. Then, in the front to the left I believe is Mike Cannon. A good caption might be, "girls were scarce, our Brothers thought ahead and brought a mattress to save time." Or "Brothers save Little Sister from GDI in dorm."

Brad Smith ’82: This was the mattress race event during Greek Week around 1979 or 1980 maybe. Brad Smith, Tim Gilbert, Mike Cannon, and Mike Malone plus two more….and the girl riding the mattress!

Mike Alexander ’80: That photo was during the Greek Week Mattress Race. The faces in the photo are Brad Smith, Tim Gilbert, and Mike Cannon. As far as who is riding the mattress, that is a big unknown. Probably one of the smaller little sisters.

Michael Hug ’80: This is a picture of the Greek Week Mattress Race 1978 or 1979. That’s Tim Gilbert and Mike Malone on the right side. It looks like Brad Smith is on the left.