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Back then, Greek week consisted of a very wide variety of competitions, which included a talent show. Most Fraternities submitted an act,” Jeff said. Not surprisingly, these four talented gentlemen were elected by their brothers to perform. A couple of them had a background in music, and Jeff and Cecil had even performed in barbershop quartets in high school, so they were clearly the perfect choice.

Jeff says that he hasn’t seen these brothers much over the years, but he would love to catch up with them. “I think a reunion is a great idea (maybe for Homecoming), and we could perform again!” he said.

Today, Jeff says that Kappa Sigma still provides a reason for him to go back and visit Georgia Tech, adding that he pledged in order to make sure he had a home and a family while he was away at school. He advises current undergraduates to live every moment at school to its fullest and experience all they can while they are there. “You will NEVER get days like these again!” he said.

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