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As you may know, Ma Tech has decided to end Kappa Sig’s tradition of double and triple parking on the sliver of gravel next to 182 Sixth Street. This week they are beginning work to convert the EC Lot into sixteen paved parking spaces, permit required. On a bad day, Kappa Sig and ZBT might have doubled that number of cars. 

For something that’s nothing more than a pit of small rocks, the EC Lot has been the site of countless memories over the decades.

We know there are some good stories out there (band party musician stealing a brother’s car, how the lot served as a pit to roast Homecoming pigs, etc.). In honor (or, should we say, in memory) of the EC Lot, we asked alumni to share their best stories of how you maximized your access to free parking at Tech, and any memorable or funny stories that ensued.

Thanks to Doug Jory ’84 for sharing his. He writes, “Sad to hear that Ma Tech is taking our lot. When I was in school I got a parking ticket for parking an unregistered vehicle in our lot. I went to the kangaroo appeals court to contest the ticket, and had to call in the GT policeman who gave me the ticket because they didn’t believe me when I told them I was ticketed in our lot. Since the officer was not at the initial hearing we had to reconvene a week or so later, at which point he confirmed that he ticketed me in our lot. I was able to convince the jurors hearing my appeal that this was private property and got the ticket thrown out. However, Ma Tech always gets her pound of flesh. Years later as an alum and parent I returned to the Tech campus to watch my daughters compete in the Gwinnett County countywide swim meet. I parked on the street in front of the Aquatics Center and received a ticket for parking an unregistered vehicle on campus. As an alum I laughed, tore up the ticket and ignored it. Ten years later when my oldest daughter enrolled at Tech and registered her hand-me-down 13-year-old car, she was told that she would first have to clear up the outstanding ticket. No appeals this go round. Cash on the barrel head.”

Michael Pouncey ’94 also chimed in: “This is an unfortunate result of the new house. We knew that the EC lot wasn't ours, but the current administrators of Tech did not. The permitting process exposed that fact to them. I'm surprised that they have taken this long to act on it. I thought that maybe they were forgetting again…”

Do you have stories to share of the EC lot? Post your eulogy below.