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Best Fraternity or Campus Tradition

Bill:  Black and White, and "borrowing" the T.
Eric:  Caroling up and down Techwood after the holiday semi-formal.

#1 Hangout on Campus
Bill:  PJs.
Eric:  With other brothers at the Kappa Sig house.

Best Bar

Bill:  The Pit, obviously.
Eric:  The best bar on campus was in the old house. Now the old bar is mounted on a wall in the Pit, right behind the new best bar on campus.

Typical Nightly Dinner

Bill:  Spegeti, garlik bred, korn, orng drank (cigarette ashes and floor wax, optional).
Eric:  Tony cooks ribs or chicken that is professional grade, he's the best chef on campus. Best meal you'll ever have is when we smoke pigs overnight for Homecoming in the fall.