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Currently there is a challenge going on in the Georgia Tech Greek community, and it has the opportunity of winning $5,000 for our Alpha Tau Chapter.

Roll Call is Georgia Tech's annual fund, and it is comprised of the generous donations of various Georgia Tech alumni. This money goes to various places on campus, most notably to the purchase and development of Tech Square. Here is a more detailed list of how money from Roll Call is used:

• Hands-on experience for students
• Groundbreaking efforts that can save lives and improve our world
• Scholarships for exceptional students
• World-class instruction and curriculum
• Student life programs and initiatives, such as those available at the Campus Recreation Center
• The purchase and development of Technology Square, which transformed Tech’s campus

Traditionally, Greek alumni donate more to Roll Call than their non-affiliated counterparts, but now Georgia Tech is asking Greek Alumni to step their game up even further.

The Greek community has been divided into four groups. Within these groups, the fraternity or sorority with the highest percentage of donating alumni will win $5,000 for their chapter. Second place will win $2,000, while third place will receive $1,000.

Currently, Kappa Sigma is in 8th place of our group with only 18.6% of our alumni having donated to Roll Call. SAE is in first place with 25.1%.

We are asking that alumni donate to Roll Call. It doesn't have to be much because the winner is decided on the percentage of alumni donating, but please donate something.

Also, it is worth noting that no extra paperwork is needed to ensure that we get credit for you donation. Since Georgia Tech has extensive records on their alumni's Greek affiliation, they will know that you are donating for us.

More information can be found and donations can be made here. Semper.


Eric Johnston
Grand Master