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What is the memory that makes you laugh hardest today?

"There were many, but one I remember concerned two room mates- Ron "Rabbit Man" Wilson, and Eric "V.I., or 'Village Idiot'" Bornhouser, and a banana cream pie purloined from a locked refrigerator after hours. Said pie was enhanced with a lit cherry bomb and placed in the above cited participants room- while they were there- and the door was then held shut by about eight guys. If I recall correctly the cleaning bill ran over a hundred bucks. Who did this dastardly deed? I'll never tell, but I do recall the initials of one G.P.C. of Savannah, GA, as the ringleader."  - Bill Gibson, '62

“My initiation into the Fraternity. I had to count all the ladies restrooms at all the downtown theaters in downtown Atlanta.” - Carl Hermon "Steamboat" Fulton, ’50

“What we called Hell Week and Hell Night. Some of the quests were beyond ridiculous. I actually pushed a peanut in front of the Fox Theater with my nose. Also as a bull pup initiate having to go to some girl’s house that I didn’t know for Sunday dinner and then be as obnoxious as I could be to the family during our dinner. Probably wasn’t funny to them.” - Thomas H. Bachman, ’52

"On an early spring evening after dinner in 1958 or 1959, a group of Brothers got together on the front lawn and with exacting "team work" designed, built and launched a 3-stage rocket using 3 aluminum drinking cups and 3 cherry bombs. First we built a single stage, then a 2 stage, and finally a 3 stage. Those of you who were there will remember the results!" - Aldon L. Buxton '62

"I was Pledgemaster and we decided to assign a particularly juvenile-looking pledge to "make out" with a girl we had selected (she was a lady of the evening).  We were all surprised when this pledge expertly performed.  We stopped him at second base."- Bill Bruner '50

"The selection of John Rowley as the meanest brother during initiation week; I believe class of 1965 and he deserved it. He had to stand on three phone books and bend over and I was elected to knock him off with paddle or we were told another week. The first two swaps caused his knees to tremble but he stayed on and these swats were with one hand. Looking at my pledge brothers with tears in their eyes and no longer cheering me on I broke with tradition and used both hands on paddle as in baseball and John stood on books seems like 5 minutes shaking but finally stepped off and I have been forever thankful. I know now John really cared for us." - Frank Moye, ‘66

"That year Kentucky played Tech (still in the SEC then) at Atlanta. After the game several of us were sitting around on the porch of the house when a couple of cars pulled up and disgorged the UK cheerleading team. One of them was Marcy Burman, who graduated from Frankfort High School two years after I did. I recognized her and stood up, but she didn't recognize me (and didn't know I had transferred) until she was halfway up the walk. When she did she yelled my name, ran the rest of the way, and threw herself into my arms! That went a long way toward boosting my reputation at AT" - William F. Williams, '57

Describe the best party

“Black & White on top of Stone Mountain with the Tams.” - Mac Ryland, ’68

“Luau 1982 - one day logging, three months building and digging, two days cooking and six hours of partying until you are so tired you pass out at 2 PM on the tower structure.” - Terry Benson, ’85 

"Heaven and Hell with the fraternity next door." -Aldon L. Buxton '62 

"Impossible -- back then they were all great! Just ask anyone who was around then." - William F. Williams, '57

Describe your favorite/best road trip

“Freshman year to Daytona, six of us in Hankinson's VW.” - Mac Ryland, ’68

"One year we did charter a Greyhound for a house party at Panama Beach (I think), Florida." - William F. Williams, '57

What is the one memory you have shared or will share?

“How close a bond becomes with other Brothers as we go through life.” - Carl Hermon "Steamboat" Fulton, ’50

“How stupid I was to be doing some of the things that I did while I was at Tech and in the fraternity. As I grew older I realized how fortunate I was to have had the friends that I did have while I was a Kappa Sig at Tech.” - Thomas H. Bachman, ’52

“Still maintain contact with many of my friends from those years.” - James C. Tillman Jr., ’63 

“Placing 2nd in the Rambling Wreck parade in 1966 on my 21st birthday. Built it with Bill Ward. Got Rowley's parents' car impounded that night, but no details to the kids about that.” - Mac Ryland, ’68

"The Friday night their now grandmother (my pinned at the time) showed up unannounced at the Sig House. She was attending the University of Alabama and had caught a ride to Atlanta with a Sorority Sister. Surprise!! Did I have to break a date that night....silence." -Aldon L. Buxton '62

"Best memory that I tell grandchildren is how I learned to color rocks and lions in their coloring books. Seems our rock always needed painting and the SAE's never learned how to paint their lion. " - Frank Moye, ‘66

The one memory that I've tried to pass on was the friendships and brotherhood that I experienced at both Beta Nu and Alpha Tau." -William F. Williams, '57